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There can be a number of different parties associated with an application. However, every application requires an Applicant, and at least 1 Unit Owner. Each of these parties has specific forms that they must complete.

In this section we ask you to set up the applicant and unit owner(s).

If there is more than one applicant (eg: Husband and Wife), enter any one as the primary applicant: you can setup the other(s) as co-applicants in the next section.

If you are completing the application on another parties’ behalf, you will be asked for documentation to verify that this person has granted you the authority.

You will also have the opportunity to setup adult occupants, guarantors, brokers and attorneys in the next section.

It is important to understand that the process of setting up the applicant and unit owner does not give them permission to see or edit each other's information. As a general rule, the unit owner(s) and their agents are never able to view or modify the applicant(s)'s personal or financial information. Brokers and attorneys are usually allowed to enter information and upload required documents on behalf of their clients, but applicants and unit owners must always log in and sign their own acknowledgements.

When you are setting up an applicant and unit owner, you will confirm the legal identity of the parties. By default each party will be set up as an individual. However you can change the identity of a party by selecting the legal entity type from the "Applying as a" dropdown. If you select something other than individual, you will be asked for the legal (trust, partnership or corporation) name, and should put the information of an authorized signer in the first, last and email address fields.

If you make a mistake while setting up the parties, don't worry you can always make changes by clicking "Edit" located next to the party's name.


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Building Policies

The application you have selected for must be completed offline.

To download a sample pdf of this application please click on the "Download Sample Application PDF" button at the bottom of this page.

You will need to print the pdf, complete it manually and mail or messenger it to


Attn: Processing Department
FirstService Residential New York, Inc.
575 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017
T: 1-844-612-4956
F: (212) 634-3946



In accordance with the laws of New York City, Applicant is advised that information provided by Applicant may be used to obtain a tenant screening report (also known as a Consumer Report) from a Consumer Reporting Agency. The name and address of the Consumer Reporting Agency is:

11990 San Vicente Blvd., Ste 340
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Telephone: (866) 272-8400


In addition, on behalf of the Owner of the Building for which this application is being accepted (the "Owner"), we are notifying Applicant that, pursuant to federal and state law:

If the Owner takes an adverse action against Applicant on the basis of information contained in a tenant screening report, we must notify Applicant that such action was taken and supply the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that provided the tenant screening report on the basis of which such action was taken;

Any Applicant against whom adverse action is taken based on information contained in a tenant screening report has the right to inspect and receive a free copy of such report by contacting the consumer reporting agency;

Every Applicant is entitled to one free tenant screening report from each national consumer reporting agency annually in addition to a credit report that should be obtained from; and

Every Applicant may dispute inaccurate or incorrect information contained in a tenant screening report directly with the consumer reporting agency.


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